You know how it feels: it's time to take your meds, feed your pet, or take any other supplement, and you find yourself scratching your head wondering, but didn't I take them? Well, sometimes, you have, but sometimes you may have not. That means you've messed up your med regimen AND, most importantly, you've missed out on taking the appropriate nutrients or compounds that fuel your body.

Nobody likes that, which is why we put our engineering hats on and came up with the PILL IT DaYly Scratch Off Stickers: the easiest and most fun way to keep track of your daily med schedule, anytime, anywhere!

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Stick n' Scratch - Always Stay on Track of Activities
✔ Never forget to water your plants or flowers.

✔ Never miss your yoga practice or mindfulness routine.

✔ Always stay hydrated and never skip those water breaks!
Your medication and supplement regimen is one area where staying organized is crucial. The PILL IT DaYly Scratch Off Stickers make it easy to be on top of your daily dosage requirements, helping you make sure you don't skip a dose or take it more than once.
No risk scratch-off sticker! Each time you take your med dose, you scratch a little square that reveals a blue box with a white cross. That's your sign that you've done the job so you can move on with your day. Fun and practical - no other tracker beats that!
The PILL IT DaYly Scratch Off Stickers can be stuck on flat, clean surfaces within seconds! That includes your:
  • Pillbox or pill organizer
  • Pill bottles or containers
  • Fridge or on the side of the cupboard where you store your meds
Your stickers will remain firmly in place and can be removed when it's time to replace them, too!
Each pack comes with 24 Stickers, and each sticker can track up to a total of 28 doses, broken down as:
  • 3-4 doses a day for a full week;
  • 2 doses a day for 2 weeks, or
  • 1 dose a day for 4 weeks
So, the package can track up to:
  • 24 weeks for 4 doses a day;
  • 48 weeks for 2 doses a day, and
  • 96 weeks for 1 dose a day
Your scratch-off stickers take the stress out of med scheduling! Use on your pill bottles, pill organizers, or label your zip lock bags that serve as pill pouches during travel. You can even cut the DaYly stickers into as many rows as you need based on your daily dosage, too!
Two- and four-legged family members alike can benefit from our smart pill tracking system! Whether you use them to be mindful of your own med schedule or that of your pets or your kids, we guarantee that the PILL IT DaYly Scratch Off Stickers will make life easier for everyone!
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We are a group of engineers passionate about developing solutions for daily life challenges. Our background has helped us create innovative, efficient, and, above all, easy-to-use products. Our goal is to take the stress out of otherwise stressful things, like reminding yourself whether or not you've taken your meds! We're confident that the PILL IT DaYly Scratch Off Stickers will help you make the most out of your med regimen and give you much-needed peace of mind, one scratch at a time!
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